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5 Station Luxury Restroom Trailer

Worried about causing your guests hassle or discomfort with porta potties at your event? Worry no more. With our new 5-Station luxury restroom trailer, you can pamper your guests with the comforts of home. Each restroom comes equipped with space and amenities that allow you to have a luxury restroom in your backyard:

  • Air Conditioning/Heat
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Internal and External LED Lighting
  • Large Mirror and Vanity
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Fresh Water Tanks and City Water Connection

Each trailer is divided into two sides to accommodate both men’s and women’s restrooms. The women’s side has three private stalls with porcelain, pedal-flush toilets and a large vanity with two sinks. The men’s side has one toilet (same as the women’s) and one urinal accompanied by a single-sink vanity.

Minimize lines and maximize comfort for your next event, whether it be formal or just a backyard event, with this luxury restroom trailer.

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